Posted by: crhammond | November 17, 2011

Saturday Talk: Talking Trash

This Saturday we will be talking trash at our Saturday Schoolyard talk, and we mean real trash!  Scott Barr will be joining us at the Barrow Arctic Research Center to speak about waste management.


Need a ride? A van will be in front of the Hospital door C at 1:00

 And then at Tuzzy Library at 1:15 pm to take people to and from the presentation.

Waste Management and it’s Impacts

Scott Barr

Saturday November 19, 2011, at 1:30 pm

Okay so you’ve yelled at Johnny enough times so that he finally gets off the Xbox long enough to take out the garbage.  Where does the trash go from there and does it matter?  Does waste management effect us and how?  Maybe we should be doing something else, but what? Join us this Saturday to discuss these important questions and more!


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