Posted by: crhammond | November 4, 2011

BASC, Wildlife & AEWC team up to support KBRW

Did you hear us on the radio today?  This morning, BASC, the Borough’s Department of Wildlife Management, Alaska Fish and Game and the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission all joined forces to take part in KBRW’s annual Drive to Thrive.  Between “Keep on Whaling” and “Wild thing,” our crew raised over $2,000 for KBRW!

Thanks for KBRW for all it does for the community and special thanks to all those who called in to pledge support!

glenn drive

Basc’s Glenn Sheehan along Wildlife’s Johnny Aiken & Robert Akpik in the KBRW Studio.

kbrwThe crew answering phones and taking down pledges at KBRW.

nok and scottBASC’s Nok Acker and Scott Oyagak, ready to take calls!

mike donovanBASC’s Mike Donovan t taking down a pledge!


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