Posted by: crhammond | October 25, 2011

Photographers Kajsa Sjölander and Will Rose visit BASC!

Photographers and journalists Kajsa Sjölander and Will Rose visited Barrow and BASC in the last couple weeks to work on their new independent project, 70°, investigating all aspects of a changing Arctic. You may have seen them around town wielding their large cameras! They are just now beginning to process the images they have collected from all across the arctic, but you can get an idea for what kind of work they are doing by checking out the webpage for their last project, The Future World Project.

Here is a brief description of their new project, 70°, in their own words:

“The Arctic is the final frontier. Not yet fully exploited by mankind, this polar region will be the defining area on the planet of human ability or inability to move beyond fossil fuels and tackle climate change. The 70° project in it’s simplest form is about Climate Change and Resources in the Arctic. After working in Russia in 2009 and Greenland in 2010 collecting geoimage location data they noticed a correlation between the two stories. 70° is the vehicle, a line to follow, a journey through the stories and contemporary issues of the Arctic. The 70th parallel north becomes the thread of this project, a line cutting through the Arctic Ocean, parts of Canada, Russia, Greenland, United States and North Scandinavia.’

And image of Will and Kajsa’s, taken on their visit to Barrow

We will be sure to put up a link to the homepage for 70°  when it is ready, so check back!


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